The Rise of Online Poker

1Poker is, by far, the most popular card game on the planet. It is played in casinos, basements, and increasingly online. The rise of online poker comes from a variety of different causes which are often overlooked and help to make online poker a great game for people to play.

What is leading to the rise of online poker?

Imagine having a game that you enjoy that you find it difficult to find people to play with. In order to play you will need to call up four friends with different schedules and coordinate a game or to drive miles to a casino. That is what is needed for people to play poker in the traditionally way and it ultimately this takes a significant amount of work to organize. On the other hand, online poker is available at the tip of your fingers and can be quickly played on your personal computer or cell phone with little forewarning. The added convenience of being able to hatch a game with onl y a few minutes of free time is a huge advantage for players and can help to lead to more games of poker than a poker lover would otherwise be able to enjoy.

Quality and Not Quantity

Of course, it isn’t just the quantity of poker games that matters but also the quality of those games. Luckily, here online poker delivers as well. Online poker is popular and there are therefore a large number of players who are available to play at any moment, all with a variety of different skill levels. This means that players can find a game not only quickly and easily, but also against a worthy opponent who makes the game interesting to play. Therein lies the major benefit of online poker playing; games that are easily available and competitive for all players, regardless of your skill level.


Beating the Best Players at Online Poker


Beating the Best Players at Online Poker

In order to beat the best poker players online, you only need to clean up your game in certain areas to really see positive results. The best poker players are making money day in and day out because they practice taking advantage of the weaker players. They can only have the best hands so many times, the rest of the time they are pushing people off their hands and taking the chips for their own. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of taking more pots from the best players.

Acting Like the Boss

The easiest way to take chips from the other players is to target weaker ones first. The weaker players are going to make it very easy for you to spot them because they do things that scream they are weak. These players like to talk and talk at the online poker tables by using the online chat feature. They talk about what hands they folded, they talk about what cards they never see, and they talk about the countless bad beats they experience all day at this poker site. Takes notes and make sure to push the action when they appear weak because they will give up that hand rather than deal with another bad beat.

Mix Up Your Game Play

If you want to stop the best players from mistaking you as weak, you have to mix up your play to confuse them.When you raise the blinds, then check the blinds you confuse them. When you check the ace on board, then the next time push all in, you confuse the best players. When you check the flush on the river, then others time move all your chips in the middle, you really confuse the best players. These players don’t want to mess with you because you could have any hand.

Increase the Online Poker Odds in Your Favor


Increase the Online Poker Odds in Your Favor

If you are already playing poker at your local casino or with friends, then you understand the basics of the game and how to spot the tells of other players. The problem when you move to online play is that the speed of the game is much faster and you can not see the players you are trying to spot weaknesses on. So luckily you can utilize a few tips that we will discuss to day to help you adjust your play and start putting more cash in your online poker bankroll more easily.

Spotting Other Player Weaknesses

The easiest way to spot the weakness of a player online is to simply look at the way they make their bets. These weak players will check when they see an ace on the flop, they will check when the river makes a straight, and they will slow play when they have the nuts. If you can get them to reveal their hands and gather information, you can use it against them to strike down and take their chips at a later time. These weak players are in just about every hand, so you should have no trouble being able to spot the weak areas in their game.

Slow Down the Speed of Play

The biggest difference in online poker play compared to live action in your town is the speed of the game. Everything online happens so much faster, and this can really suck dry your bankroll if you are not paying close enough attention to what is happening around you. If you want to stop the action, all you have to do is to stop playing turbo tables and move down to lower limit games where the players take much longer to make decisions when it is their turn.

Playing Poker with the Best in the Business

1One of the things that excites poker players is when they play online they have the ability to pull up a chair with the best in the game. if you have enough cash, you can sit at tables where Ivy, Moneymaker, or Hellmuth play. That being said, you better be very good at your game because these players have plenty of chips to throw away on bad calls, while you could be wiped out of your bankroll if you fall victim to one bad beat. If you want to make money at the online poker tables, here are a few things that you have to consider before pulling up a chair.

Learning to Slow Down Your Game
One of the biggest differences from online play at poker at the land-based casino is the speed in which hands are dealt every hour. In a normal day at the online poker rooms, you will see several dozen hands fly by, and if you are playing the majority of these hands because you get impatient, then you are just throwing away your chips. The best players can fold hand after hand, and then when that one hand comes along, make the most of it and win more in one hand than most players make in several dozen hands. Learn to play less to win more.

Stop Being So Predictable
It doesn’t take the best players too long to spot your tells. If you are betting at the same speed, folding to all-in bets, raising when you have the nuts, and string calling when you can a draw, the best players know what you will do before you do it. They will raise you all in when you are on a draw knowing you either fold or chase and most likely not catch.

Poker Info

1Poker is considered by many to be the most popular card game on the planet. The continued popularity of poker is best emphasized by the prevalence and variety of the poker games available not only in casinos but also in the online community. Why this is and where the world of poker is going will be the focus of this article.

Why is poker so popular?

Card games are notoriously games of chance that can impact the end result. While games of chance are always tempting fate and enjoyable for that reason, games that have an element of skill involved as well tend to gain an extra level of intrigue in it. Poker is just such a game. There are numerous strategies that card game players use to gain an advantage in poker. Counting cards is one and calculating probabilities is another. But the main variance from other card games is the way that poker uses the bluff and the psychological strategy of this is one of the most striking differences between poker and other games. Playing poker involved both reading your opponent and tricking them and there is much to be said about doing so.

Online poker

Poker was for most of its long history reserved for casinos and basements of homes and played in small groups of people. The internet, like so many other industries, changed the world of poker. Online poker is more popular than traditional poker for many players as it is easy and convenient to play at a moments notice and can involve playing with a wide variety of skill levels whenever you want. While bluffing is not as important, it still has a place in online poker and counting cards has become more popular as well. Online poker will remain popular and lead to more games but won’t ever fully replace the in person game.

The Plan of Action for Great Poker Players


The Plan of Action for Great Poker Players

The best online poker players have what is called bank management, or money management strategies. Although many of these are basically nothing more than making certain you have enough capital in play to cover losses, most players simply want to jump in on the action and start playing. If you can stick to a few of these simple tips, you will see your bankroll grow rather than disappear.

Learn to Absorb Bad Beats

Bad beats are a part of online poker, and you are going to experience your share of them when you play. It takes a long time to win $100 playing $1/$2 limit, but you could lose than in one hand if your AA was cracked on the river by a 27 off suit. Now you have to grind again for days to try and slowly win back that lose, all the while thinking how you were robbed. Lose the memory and just move on. The best players forget about the bad beats and focus on their game play. Eventually you will limit those loses and your winnings will start increasing more rapidly.

Setting Win Limits Each Day

Most players are aware of setting limits when they lose, but the best players set a limit when they win. If you win $100 today, you unplug the computer and take the rest of the day off from poker. The reason being is there are so many hands being dealt online that you are going to go through very long bouts where you get dealt junk, you get out drawn, and you suffer bad beats repeatedly. It is the nature of the game to have these huge swells, so when you are lucky enough to be riding high, pull out before the bottom drops out and you give it all back and then some.