Tips for Playing Poker Online and Winning

Tips for Playing Poker Online and Winning

Playing poker online and winning are two completely different things, and until you learn the difference you are going to just be sinking your money into the site without ever getting the max out of gambling. Here are a few tips for being able to play online poker better so that you are taking money off the table each week.

The first thing you must do is limit all those distractions around you. Things like taking on the phone, chatting on Facebook, or watching television, all are taking away your focus so that you can not completely spot opportunities when they arise. Limit the distractions from your game and things will begin to improve.

Start paying close attention to how you are betting. If you are too comfortable and you are betting in patterns, the rest of the table has already spotted your weakness and can tell what your next moves will be. The key here is looking carefully and making moves based on different situations. Start mixing up when you bet, call, fold, or raise, this way the rest of the table can not identify your tells.

Stop using the online chat feature to talk with other players about your hands. If you are talking to the table about your bad beats, your bluffs, or the lack of quality starting hands, then you are telling the rest of the table more about your game than they need to know. Stop giving away free information to the rest of the table and tighten up your game.

Never flash your hole cards to the rest of the table. Not only are you giving away a tell, you run the risk of annoying a player who may come after you down the road because they want all their money back that you took.


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