Why You Keep Losing at the Online Poker Tables

Poker Chips

Why You Keep Losing at the Online Poker Tables

If you are trying to play your best at the online poker tables but you keep having to reload your account, there are key indicators that could explain why you are getting crushed each session. Even the average poker players have spotted your weaknesses and they are picking your chip stack apart before you even have a clue what you are doing wrong.

Here are some of the reasons you keep losing at the online poker tables.

That online chat feature that you think is for making friends is only telling the table how weak you are. With limited time to study pot odds, your focus is talking about bad beats and how you got bullied off a hand when you had the best of it.

Flashing your hole cards might feel great in the moment, but this rookie move is sending out the signal you are a weak player, and all those chips you think you stole in the bluff of the century are going to filter right back to the other players in no time at all.

Just because you are feeling comfortable on the couch in your pajamas, doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay very close to the way you are wagering at the online poker table. While you are feeling nice and cozy, the rest of the table is beginning to see patterns in your game that make it easy for them to predict your next move.

The weaker players are afraid to bluff because they would rather win when they have a premium hand. That being said, usually when these players raise, they have a hand and the rest of the table simply folds. This means the weak players never have the chance to win any serious pots and slide backwards instead.


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