Besting the Other Players at the Online Poker Tables

1In order to take advantage of opportunities at the online poker tables, players have to be of the mindset they are in a heated battle and need to fight for every dollar possible. This is not the time or place to be making friends, this is a real money situation where you could either make huge piles of cash or drain your bank account chasing a pipe dream.

If you prefer filling up your poker bankroll with more money than you can imagine, here are some tips to changing your fortunes:

  1. Don’t be afraid to go after the blinds. If you are just folding the blinds each time a player raises before the pot, then you are giving away chips to players who have found the easiest way to make money at poker. Push the action before the flop as often as possible and you will find that weaker players don’t want to mess around with a 4 7 off suit and will gladly give you a few chips for your efforts. multiply this by a few hundred hands and you can see this could be a very lucrative proposition after all.
  1. Bet when you see an ace hit the board and others check the action. Most of the time this means they have a pair, but they do not want to tangle with that pair of aces at this point. This works even better closer to the river when no more cards are going to be dealt because players holding middle pairs are not going to get value fighting the pair of aces.
  1. If the river card makes three to a straight or flush, watch as the table gets nervous and checks the action, then push a ton of chips in the middle. If you only called bets to now, it looks more realistic you caught.


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