Increase the Online Poker Odds in Your Favor


Increase the Online Poker Odds in Your Favor

If you are already playing poker at your local casino or with friends, then you understand the basics of the game and how to spot the tells of other players. The problem when you move to online play is that the speed of the game is much faster and you can not see the players you are trying to spot weaknesses on. So luckily you can utilize a few tips that we will discuss to day to help you adjust your play and start putting more cash in your online poker bankroll more easily.

Spotting Other Player Weaknesses

The easiest way to spot the weakness of a player online is to simply look at the way they make their bets. These weak players will check when they see an ace on the flop, they will check when the river makes a straight, and they will slow play when they have the nuts. If you can get them to reveal their hands and gather information, you can use it against them to strike down and take their chips at a later time. These weak players are in just about every hand, so you should have no trouble being able to spot the weak areas in their game.

Slow Down the Speed of Play

The biggest difference in online poker play compared to live action in your town is the speed of the game. Everything online happens so much faster, and this can really suck dry your bankroll if you are not paying close enough attention to what is happening around you. If you want to stop the action, all you have to do is to stop playing turbo tables and move down to lower limit games where the players take much longer to make decisions when it is their turn.


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