Playing Poker with the Best in the Business

1One of the things that excites poker players is when they play online they have the ability to pull up a chair with the best in the game. if you have enough cash, you can sit at tables where Ivy, Moneymaker, or Hellmuth play. That being said, you better be very good at your game because these players have plenty of chips to throw away on bad calls, while you could be wiped out of your bankroll if you fall victim to one bad beat. If you want to make money at the online poker tables, here are a few things that you have to consider before pulling up a chair.

Learning to Slow Down Your Game
One of the biggest differences from online play at poker at the land-based casino is the speed in which hands are dealt every hour. In a normal day at the online poker rooms, you will see several dozen hands fly by, and if you are playing the majority of these hands because you get impatient, then you are just throwing away your chips. The best players can fold hand after hand, and then when that one hand comes along, make the most of it and win more in one hand than most players make in several dozen hands. Learn to play less to win more.

Stop Being So Predictable
It doesn’t take the best players too long to spot your tells. If you are betting at the same speed, folding to all-in bets, raising when you have the nuts, and string calling when you can a draw, the best players know what you will do before you do it. They will raise you all in when you are on a draw knowing you either fold or chase and most likely not catch.


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