The Plan of Action for Great Poker Players


The Plan of Action for Great Poker Players

The best online poker players have what is called bank management, or money management strategies. Although many of these are basically nothing more than making certain you have enough capital in play to cover losses, most players simply want to jump in on the action and start playing. If you can stick to a few of these simple tips, you will see your bankroll grow rather than disappear.

Learn to Absorb Bad Beats

Bad beats are a part of online poker, and you are going to experience your share of them when you play. It takes a long time to win $100 playing $1/$2 limit, but you could lose than in one hand if your AA was cracked on the river by a 27 off suit. Now you have to grind again for days to try and slowly win back that lose, all the while thinking how you were robbed. Lose the memory and just move on. The best players forget about the bad beats and focus on their game play. Eventually you will limit those loses and your winnings will start increasing more rapidly.

Setting Win Limits Each Day

Most players are aware of setting limits when they lose, but the best players set a limit when they win. If you win $100 today, you unplug the computer and take the rest of the day off from poker. The reason being is there are so many hands being dealt online that you are going to go through very long bouts where you get dealt junk, you get out drawn, and you suffer bad beats repeatedly. It is the nature of the game to have these huge swells, so when you are lucky enough to be riding high, pull out before the bottom drops out and you give it all back and then some.


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